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Frequently asked questions

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The number 1 culprit of damage to floors is dirt and sand. The best treatment for your floor is a dry, untreated microfiber dust mop or vacuum, used every day when possible. Do not use beater bars on a vacuum, as this will damage the stone. Damp mopping is recommended on a weekly basis and whenever there are visible spills. Never use acidic cleaners or vinegar, as this will also damage the stone. Only use cleaners designed for stone care.
These are not water spots, but an etch mark in the surface of the stone. This is what happens when an acidic substance comes in contact with any calcium-based stone. To get rid of the etch marks, the stone will need to be polished out.
If your floor is dull and scratched you don’t need to replace them. We can completely restore your floor to look brand new again. This is a far better way to go and will save you a lot of money. Give us a call and we will arrange to come provide you with a free estimate.
Our process requires the use of water to lubricate our diamonds abrasives to cut the stone smoothly.This system creates no dust. If at any time we need to make a repair and cut something dry, we use a dust extraction system. Once we have completed the work our techs will thoroughly clean everything and leave your residence or commercial building spotless.
Absolutely yes we can. We have refinished hundreds of limestone floors, countertops, showers and more over the years. Give us a call for a free estimate.
The good news is that we can repair the chips in your granite. We do this by filling the chipped areas with material that blends almost seamlessly into the surrounding area. Call us or email a picture and we can give you an idea on pricing.
Believe it or not, black granite does not stain. It is a very dense stone. So dense even sealers do not penetrate. If you have polished black granite, likely there is a micro-thin film of sealer or color enhancer residue on the surface. This film will etch but the granite will not. This leaves behind a faded spot. Yes we can remove the film and get your granite back to its original beauty.
Once again, black granite does not stain. On honed black granite the fabrication shop will apply either a color enhancer or a thin film of black wax to make the stone darker. It is this micro-thin film of sealer or color enhancer residue on the surface that is etching. This film will etch but the granite will not. This leaves behind a faded spot. Yes we can remove the film and get your granite back to its original beauty.
Most of the time when a customer asks us why their Granite countertop is not shiny anymore, it turns out that some sort of film is sitting on the surface. This happens when one does not use the proper cleaner, or when they clean their granite surface with water and dish soap. This will eventually lead to soap film build up. Next time try washing the counter with a stone cleaner, then towel buff the surface dry. This usually resolves the problem. If not give us a call.
Yes we can. Anything from cleaning grout, filling in missing grout, changing the color of grout with a color sealer, or complete removal and replacement with new grout.
Crack Repair: Most of the time they can be repaired. It can depend on what is causing the crack. If it’s just from settling then yes we can repair them. Although there is no guarantee the repaired cracks will not open up again. Sometimes the cracking is caused by improper tile installation. If that is the case, repairing the cracks is not going to solve the problem.

Hole Repair: Travertine tiles are full of holes. They are filled in the factory. The problem is the bond is not deep or solid and over time the filler pops out. We can clean the holes out and refill them.

Sorry, but No we do not do installations. We can do small repairs and replace a few tiles if need be but we recommend using a tile contractor that specializes in installation for larger projects. Give us a call and we can refer you to a qualified stone installer or fabrication company with a good reputation.

Any other questions you have that are not answered here just give us a call and we will do our best to help you in any way possible.

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