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Vancouver International Airport

//Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport


The world famous “Spirit of Haida Gwaii” Jade statue at the Vancouver International Airport sits on a green marble floor. Renovations to the surrounding area had just been completed. Everything looked great except for one thing. The floor looked dull and lifeless and detracted from the beauty of the Jade statue. The staff at YVR wanted it restored to look pristine like the Statue.


This statue is worth thousands of dollars. Great care had to be taken so that no damage would occur during restoration of the floor. First the Statue was carefully masked of with poly, cardboard and tape to protect every inch of it. Then the existing floor wax coating was stripped off. We followed this with diamond honing to remove surface wear and scratches. Finally the marble was polished to a beautiful high gloss finish. We recommended that no wax is ever put on the marble floor again as it tends to dull and scratch very quickly. Periodic light honing and re-polishing would keep it looking like new. Another satisfied customer.

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